I have always tried to make myself understand that if I do try every single way that  might lead to a better life and a better place, does not mean that everybody else must do this. But I just wont get it. Whenever I have tried to help someone I love, whenever I have tried to wake em up, they'd be happy for a while and get enthused, but after a short while they just give up, but I don't, and that makes them hate me.
No. I don't think that I know everything, I'm just sure that we need to try very hard, we might die while trying, but we are not allowed to give up easily.
Yes, I get tired too. Yes, I do cry too. Even I can remember the time when I wanted to give up, but I didn't. I went to the rooftop of the dormitory and I told myself if u ever give up, im bringing you here and I'll just jump... Now imagine the pain, imagine that u might possibly break somewhere in ur body or u might cripple urself... But im gonna do that anyway and u are gonna have to live with it. If u'd rather be a crippled girl, then fine, go on, give up.
No matter how hard, I carried myself all the way and I got an A mark on my final project. I found two part time jobs, I tried to ignore all the gossips about me and finally got back in the game.
I call this a fight. I got all bruised. I got tired. I cried every single night. But I got better.
Oh please never give up you! Please. When I see u fail, I fail myself cause I think I didn't do every thing I could possibly do. Please.
I'm not gonna tell u anything any more, but I beg you, please.