I have learned to learn the people who live around me,maybe cause that makes life much easier.

I can remember the conversation I had with M. He told me he wants to run a new mag.
I told him: u know I'm with u, no matter what. but i ask u to think again. he told me he won't, he said it was important to him, he said he needs to find out so many things... i told him... i said... oh i sad that I knew his reasons... I approve his reasons but I have my  reasons, too when I ask u not to do so.
I knew every reason he had. I got him surprised.
and I got me surprised.
After that night, he became a much better friend... as if he could trust me with any thing... he could tell me any thing.
 ...this habit of mine, has earned me a lot of good friends 
and I do enjoy when I see the trust they put in me.
but it's dangerous,too.I have also lost so many friends because I knew them too well... because I could remember too much details about them.

but this is not the reason why I'm gonna quit this.

it takes too much time, too much energy.
i need to spend that time  on just one person : the dear me.